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Elevate Your Gaming Experience With This 110” 4K Projector Screen

Not long ago, playing video games on a projector was a novelty. It was fun to hook up a retro console and play old-school stuff like Donkey Kong or Pac-Man on a 100-inch screen. But you wouldn’t think about doing it for games like World of Warcraft or Call of Duty, let alone Rocket League or Super Smash Bros.

Now things are different. With high refresh rates and low input lags–not to mention stellar 4K resolution–today’s projectors offer a smooth, responsive, and totally immersive gaming experience that actually gives gaming monitors and TVs a run for their money. But it’s not all about the projectors. 

If you’re thinking about taking your gaming to the next level by going big, it’s important to remember that even the best gaming projector money can buy won’t do you much good if you don’t have a high-quality screen to use it with. And if you’re in the market for a projector screen that won’t break the bank, we think you should check out the portable and dependable VEVOR Tripod Projector Screen.

Why The Screen Matters

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If you’re thinking about getting a gaming projector, whatever you do, don’t just point the thing at a blank wall, curtain, or bed sheet. To get the most out of a projector, you need a screen specifically designed for projected images. 

When you use a projector on a surface that is not absolutely flat or has a texture with a gradient larger than the projector’s pixels, it will degrade the quality of the projected images. Dedicated projector screens are made with premium materials that don’t alter or distort the projector’s pixels. They’re also coated to maximize their reflective sensitivity. 

The naked human eye cannot detect individual distorted pixels. However, if you compare an image projected onto a wall or sheet to an image projected onto a premium projector screen, you will be able to perceive a difference in sharpness, clarity, color, brightness, and dynamics.

The good news is that good projector screens are more affordable than you might expect. And right now, you can get an absolutely incredible deal on the 110” VEVOR Tripod Projector Screen.  

VEVOR Tripod Projector Screen

Image via VEVOR

We all dream about having a baller home theater with a projector screen that retracts into the ceiling when not in use. But that kind of setup is going to cost you thousands of dollars. And you can’t take it outside, to a friend’s house, to work, or anywhere else. 

The far more practical and affordable option is to get an adjustable portable projector screen. And that brings us to the VEVOR Tripod Projector Screen. This 16:9 screen offers full 4K ultra HD resolution and a 160-degree viewing angle, so there won’t be any glare or lumen loss. The screen consists of four layers: a durable and wrinkle-preventing polyester base, a glass fiber layer, an imaging layer, and a premium reflective HD coating. Ridiculously smooth, with four black borders to enhance contrast, this screen gives you vivid imagery and an outstanding overall gaming or viewing experience. 

The VEVOR Tripod Projector Screen sits on a foldable aluminum tripod suitable for all types of flooring. The height is fully adjustable, and you can set it up or take it down in a matter of minutes with no tools. That means you can enjoy an absolutely incredible gaming and cinematic experience just about anywhere

But the best part about this projector screen is the price. Normally the 110” VEVOR Tripod Projector Screen goes for a very reasonable $77.98. However, right now, it’s on sale for just $47.99. And with the discount code “AFF30OFF” you can get an additional 30 percent off, bringing your total down to just $40. 

If you’re thinking about getting a projector for your home theater or gaming setup, or you already have one but don’t have a quality screen, do yourself a huge favor. Click here and order the VEVOR Tripod Projector Screen right now. And don’t forget to use the discount code “AFF30OFF” to save an additional 30 percent

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