Pokemon Stadium 2 Switch Release Date

Pokemon Stadium 2 Switch Release Date: When Is It Coming to the Expansion Pack?

With the first game having just launched, many players are wondering when the Pokemon Stadium 2 Switch release date will be. Here’s when the next Pokemon game will be coming to the Expansion Pass.

When is the Pokemon Stadium 2 Switch release date?

The Pokemon Stadium 2 Switch release date is confirmed to be during 2023. This is when the game will come to the Expansion Pass.

Once it’s available, those subscribed to Nintendo Switch Online and the Expansion Pack will be able to battle new trainers with all 251 Pokemon from the first and second generations.

With Pokemon Stadium 2 launching the year after the original, it’s clear that there wasn’t too much time for sweeping changes or improvements. Those who haven’t experienced the sequel should expect a very similar experience to the first game, only with additional Pokemon, moves, and new trainers.

Hopefully we continue to see more Pokemon games added to the Expansion Pack. Pokemon Colosseum would be the next logical step, followed by Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness.

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