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The Super Mario Bros. Movie’s End Credits Have Angered a Nintendo Legend

The Super Mario Bros. Movie has upset a gaming legend due to it failing to properly credit him for his contribution to the movie.

Grant Kirkhope, the famous composer behind classics such as GoldenEye 007 and Banjo-Kazooie, has responded after he was left out of the movie’s credits. Kirkhope penned the infamous DK Rap, the theme from the Nintendo 64 classic Donkey Kong 64. While the rap is featured in the film, Kirkhope is not given credit for it, with the composer taking to Twitter to express his frustration.

Grant Kirkhope calls Super Mario Movie snub ‘depressing’

After seeing the Super Mario Bros. Movie, Kirkhope tweeted calling the snub “f*****g depressing,” noting that he was “really looking forward” to seeing his name in the credits.

Kirkhope also retweeted support from readers, with one commenter calling the decision to not credit the composer a “crummy thing to do” on behalf of the film‘s animation studio Illumination.

The DK Rap is apparently credited as being lifted from Donkey Kong 64, though Kirkhope’s name isn’t mentioned. This is despite the composer famously being associated with it, with it initially being conceived by him and Rare designer George Andreas, who also co-wrote and performed the lyrics.

The original DK Rap can be viewed below in all its glory:

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